Three Fresh-Smelling, Prettily Packaged Perfumes

Proceeds of these three beautiful bottles go to a good cause.


Not to be nosy, but we’ve noticed you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a smelly situation. Your No. 5 is at level zero. Your perfume collection isn’t making any scents. And you’re feeling pretty incensed at the pitiful selection of perfumes on the market right now.


Stop fuming. Here’s something to perk up your proboscis: three new, fresh-smelling fragrances called R.A.W. (for “releasing authentic women”) that are designed and sold locally. With fresh, lightweight aromas and elegant, feminine undertones, these subtle scents are totally wearable—think less heavy musk and more playful, youthful smells. Plus, the bottles will be some real eye candy on your dresser.


Check out Elegenté, a soft floral with deep, romantic allure—we love the stylized rose bottle top. Lâcher, a fruity choice, has “girly” written all over it, evoking a subtle sweetness. Finally, the mysterious Yunīku has a bright, clean tinge to it, with a fresh feeling of new beginnings.  


Designed by local woman Ceandrys Black, the perfumes were launched last month as a way to help fund R.A.W. International Inc., Black’s nonprofit that seeks to support the needs of women in the community. Specifically tackling issues such as providing counseling and housing for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, the nonprofit was inspired by Black’s experience as a counselor and life coach. Perfumes were the perfect accompaniment, in Black’s mind: Not only do they help women feel beautiful and empowered, they celebrate each woman’s uniqueness, the scent changing as the perfumes adjust to each pH.  


Now that is heaven-scent.


$79.99 per 1.7-ounce bottle,