Thorny Issue

A rose is a rose is a rose.

Except when it isn’t.

And the thorn in most bouquets of a dozen long-stemmed red ones is that they don’t last more than a week in a vase.

So much for symbolizing everlasting love.

But the blooms from Bella Rosa on Kalakaua Avenue are a different breed. Grown in the mountain highlands of Ecuador, the higher altitude near the equator gives the flowers thicker stems and makes them especially long-lasting.

Bella Rosa’s flowers arrive at the store within 24 hours of being cut. The shop has dozens of colors, from deep blood red Black Magic to pale peach, lavender and white. The deeper the color, the longer the roses will last – up to three weeks with proper care.

Which makes for a rosier outlook this Valentine’s.

Bella Rosa, 1421 Kalakaua Avenue (between King and Beretania streets), 808.944.0881