This Sud's For You

Lei ChicYour mini-est mini. A few (too many) martinis. A 6 a.m. walk-of-shame.

Usually you’re more of a girl-gone-mild than anything else. But even Little Miss Squeaky Clean gets a little down and dirty every now and then.

And just because your inner bad girl spent the night knee deep in dirt, doesn’t mean you can’t come up smelling like roses. Or mint, or lavender, or yummy coffee vanilla for that matter.

Clean up your act with a deliciously scented bar of Filthy Farmgirl Soap. Created by friends Gretchen Wetzel and Devin Asch as an alternative to chemical-laden bath products, the all-natural soaps are handmade in Kalapana using fresh, local ingredients like coconut oil, vanilla beans and organic peppermint.

Asch, a graphic designer, creates the retro-cool packaging—cheeky 40s and 50s style graphics inspired by vintage fruit box labels with a touch of Rosie the Riveter thrown in—all printed on 100 percent recycled paper, of course.

The soaps come in nearly 70 varieties, from fruity options like Happy Orange Cream and Lucky Ducky Lemon Drop to floral scents, like Lavender Rose Dreamland, to island-inspired styles, like the zesty Mauna Kea Mint and ginger-laced Uber Super Duper Aloha.

There are even a handful of options for dirty dudes, like the Filthy Cowboy (Wild Fir Needle Spice), Filthy Philosopher (Forest Rose) and Filthy Lumberjack (Jasmine Cedar Tea).

Just what you need for some good clean fun.

Filthy Farmgirl Soaps are available on Oahu at Whole Foods Market, Kahala Mall, 808.738.0820, on the Big Island at Green With Envi, 64-1040 Mamalahoa Hwy., 808.887.6426, and Island Naturals stores, and online at For more info, call 808.938.1038.