This Season’s Must-Have School Supplies

If we must do this school thing, we’ll do it with class.


We’re feeling the September blues. Summer’s officially over, so playtime is done and it’s time to get down to business. People are trading in their body boards for backpacks, their beaches for campuses and their swimsuits for buttons downs. Boo.


We could use a pick me up, and what better way to do that than with shopping? Whether you’re of the “school’s in” or “work always” (sad face) variety, you could probably stand to perk up your place of toil as well. Infuse some cheer into your deskspace and work-life with these cute and useful little gems.


Trust us: They’ll all work with you.


1.  You can never have too many notebooks. This inspirational one by calligraphy brand Holly Saori is just the thing to rev up your creativity when you’re feeling stuck. $20,


2.  That phone is glued to your ear and hands 24/7 as you look up class schedules, classmates’ emails and when that one assignment was due (hopefully not today). Do yourself a favor and give it some style with this magically glittery case from Homecoming. $20, Homecoming, 12 S. King St.


3.  Stress happens to the best of us. While we can’t take away your mounds of paperwork or overbooked calendar, we can tell you that a tropical, sweet-smelling grapefruit/lychee Makana candle could do relaxation wonders on your desk. Plus, it’s gorgeous. $28,


4.  If you haven’t already, invest in some art for your study space. We’re loving these stellar surf prints from Aloha Beach Club, which will give you a taste of the sea even when you’re stuck inside studying. $75,


5.  Soft textures and serene prints are a must for your workspace. Cover up sad desktops and ugly pressboards with this lovely boho batik blanket from Guava Shop for an immediately #lesssaddeskarea. $58, Guava Shop, 66 Kamehameha Highway.


6.  You may be stuck in a classroom or boardroom, but don’t ever lose sight of your soul’s real passions. This cheeky pouch will help remind you. $58,


7.  If you’re anything like us, your desk looks like the aftermath of a storm of paperclips, flash drives, pushpins and other little knick knacks. We can’t stand glum plastic office trays, but these glam-meets-adorable animal dishes and pots from Kira Hawai‘i are a stand-out gold shade and just the perfect size for our school supply doodads. (Plus: There’s a unicorn!) $10.50 each, Kira Hawai‘i,  95-1249 Meheula Parkway.


8.  It’s easy to get coed rage during the daily grind, but try to hang on to your summertime chill by storing your books and papers in this roomy Wimini Hawai‘i Aloharize Your Life tote. $18,