Thinking Pink in Kahala

This Pepto-Bismol-pink house on Kahala Ave. near Fort Rutger Park gives whole new meaning to “taste specific.” With its Hello Kitty- and Mickey Mouse-bedecked garage door (if you look closely, there’s a Hello Kitty doll on the roof lanai, too), this residence is unique, to say the least. And, yes, the interior is just as pink as the exterior.

According to City and County of Honolulu tax records, the home was purchased in 1996 for $525,000 and is owned by Coconuts Co. Ltd. It was just put on the market for $1,398,000, which might seem high except for one little detail: its prestigious Kahala Ave. location. There are several houses currently on the market within blocks of this house, all listed for between $2,250,000 and $4 million. Obviously, this house is not on par with those properties, but you can see the potential and value in the land.

Buyers will likely either renovate (unless there’s another soul out there with an equal love for all things pink) or, more likely, tear down and start from scratch. The 54-year-old house has six bedrooms and three full baths for a total of 2,376 square feet of living space.

Contact: Yasuko Nelson, Century 21 Aloha Properties. 951-0021,

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