Think Outside The Tulle: Veil Alternatives So Pretty They’ll Make Your Heart Ache

’Cause every princess-of-the-day needs her crown, right?
Flower crown


Let’s talk toppers, ladies. Yes, rocking an angelic veil will definitely put you on cloud nine, whether it’s a retro-style fingertip number or dramatic Kate Middleton-esque cathedral. And, with all the styles we’re seeing nowadays, from classic diamond-white to edgy blush-tinted, pencil-edged stitching to rhinestone embellishments, there’s a lot to get dreamy about.


But head’s up: There’s a whole universe of gorgeous accessorizing ideas out there that go even—gasp!—beyond the veil. So, while you may have set yourself on autopilot toward tulle, take a detour and consider some of these oh-so-enchanting options that gather inspiration from other cultures, fairy tales, mythology and royalty. It’s a perfectly pretty way to stray from the crowd, while tossing in your own unique, imaginative whimsy.


Haku and Flower Crowns

Obviously, no headpiece list would be complete without a shout-out to our favorite local adornment. Hawai‘i brides in verdant haku have a special brand of blushing-bride magic. Other than looking incredible, haku and flower crowns, their trendier, usually daintier cousin, are wonderful ways to celebrate the stunning gifts of beauty the Islands produce every day. And remember: Circlets aren’t the only way to bling-out with blooms. Have a chat with your stylist and florist for ideas on how to pin, drape and affix your fresh favorites above your ears, or in a trail down your waves. We’ve even seen one-sided, draping blossoms for a fairylike look that’s downright captivating. Check out this D.I.Y. tutorial with Passion Roots for some inspiration.



Vintage-obsessed, retro-leaning brides will go bananas for fascinators. These wee, netted creations balance just so on your noggin in the cutest way. Elegant examples can include silk flowers and a soft drape, while funkier ones like this creamy, feminine Nordstrom number sport jaunty angles and perky additions such as feathers.


Metallic Circlets and Headbands

Greek goddesses, rejoice! The metallics trend is on fire right now, and has given us the most gorgeous range of stunning crowns, circlets, headbands and headpieces in bronze, gold and silver. The only problem is having to pick just one, at least when the options include a pewter bundle of branches softly cradling your temples, delicate copper dogwood crowning your perfect chignon like a halo, or a bundle of golden flowers stretched into this Twigs and Honey tiara, making you look like an otherworldly, woodland princess.



High drama? Check. High romance? Double check. Turbans had their moment in the everyday-wear sun a few years ago, but we’re rallying to bring these quintessential mystery-woman staples back, especially if you’re rocking a luxe, velvety, ultra-feminine one like this Jennifer Behr piece.



Another trend we’re loving? Wearing strings of this and that, plaited through your braids and strands, in a sparkly trail, like this delicate, versatile piece from BHLDN. Crystals, pearls or even silk flowers are popular go-to’s, and the result offers some old-school charm that we guarantee your guests aren’t seeing at every wedding they attend.


Embellished Combs and Clips

One of our favorite reasons to do a tulle alternative? Your luscious tresses and styling deserve center stage after all those oodles of Pinterest beauty pins and hours spent with your hairdresser. These soft but statement-making pearl, crystal and enameled brass pins by Mignonne Handmade are the perfect complement to your painstakingly selected wedding ’do. Plus, if your classic heart really can’t stand to ditch the veil? Use these (or the brand’s equally stunning combs) to keep it prettily in place.