These Two Local Gals Are Busy Making Business Dreams Come True

We’ve been crushing hard on some gal pals recently: Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, and USA cross-country skiers Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins. So, just in case you didn’t read our March issue, here’s one more pair that deserves your love and respect.
Kimi and Pua
Photos: Harold Julian


We couldn’t be more thrilled to feature Kimi Morton and Pua Pakele-and-Cabot. Their main job is to help people live their best life ever with their podcast, Best Life Ever—makes sense, right? It’ll teach you things like: Give less f*cks, get (the right) sh*t done and you are enough. Preach!


Here’s the recap: In 2015, the former fitness coaches started their podcast. Both have owned multiple businesses and studied under accomplished business experts, so it was easy for them to go from the gym to the mic and empower people to struggle less and celebrate more.


“Our passion and our mission is to free entrepreneurs from the time and energetic and financial constraints that keep them from creating businesses and lives that excite them,” says Morton.


“Our B2B (Broke-ass to BADA$$) online course features problem-solving strategies to gain true financial security, expand reach and scale businesses,” adds Pakele-and-Cabot. Besides the business angle, their weekly podcast, motivates listeners to make tiny tweaks to their personal lives and embrace the big results that follow.


But, because we couldn’t fit all their awesomeness in one story, here’s more from the dynamic duo.


Kimi and Pua


StyleList: How do you start your day off?

Kimi Morton: With quiet, unplugged alone time to meditate, write, reflect and connect with my soul.

Pua Pakele-and-Cabot: Three Ms: move, meditate, mindset.


SL: How would you describe each other?

KM: Whatever your dreams are, Pua is the compassionate, smart energetic force in your corner. She’ll inspire you to take real action and live an epic life without any rules. And, she’s a beautiful hula performer, loves pineapples and all animals.

PPC: I won the jackpot when I found Kimi. Not only is she a badass copywriter, social media rockstar and podcast editor, she’s a phenomenal mom with two amazing kids. She inspires me daily with her heart-led style of service and unparalleled creativity.


SL: What’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting to think about owning her own business?

KM: Seek out expert advice and surround yourself with people who have the same mission.

PPC: Life is too damn short to not do what you want, just START!


SL: Why should people listen to Best Life Ever?

KM: It’s free! Listening to podcasts is, hands down, the best traffic hack. Plus, we’re super fun.


SL: Who are some of your featured guests?

PPC: We learn so much from every interview and have so much fun with all of our guests. A few of our crowd favorites are: Alice Inoue, Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness U; Chrichton Uale, a successful “multi-preneur” who has ADHD; Carmela Resuma and Raymond Maravilla, a couple that quit their traditional jobs to work remotely and travel the world.


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SL: What problem-solving strategies do you teach new entrepreneurs through your Broke-ass to BADA$$ program?

KM: We help them reclaim their time and energy and create digital assets such as online courses, membership sites, sales funnels and websites that convert leads into clients. This will, in turn, provide residual income that allows entrepreneurs to finally enjoy the freedom they’ve been working so hard for.


SL: What are some of your daily challenges?

PCC: One of mine is knowing when to stop working. (I know, cry me a river, right?) But, I constantly remind myself that one of the perks of being an online entrepreneur is having the ability to work when you want.


SL: Failure is a part of success; how do you define it?

KM: I don’t believe in failure, everything is feedback. And since we’re human and constantly pushing ourselves to expand, experiment and get out of our comfort zone, we get a lot of feedback.


SL: Are you living your best life ever?

KM: Yes, because the best life ever is not a perfect life, it’s an intention to do the best with the awareness that we have.

PCC: Every moment is another opportunity to create your best life ever!