These Highly Spirited Tours Will Scare the Pants, Socks and Everything Else Off of You

Listening to a ghost story takes some guts, but it takes a real brave soul to explore the most hair-raising, haunted places on O‘ahu. You down?


Mysteries of Hawai‘i Ghost Tours

Want to hear about the night marchers of Kapolei and walk where they walk? If so, we not only applaud your chutzpa, but we suggest signing up for one of Lopaka Kapanui’s famous ghost tours. Known as “The Ghost Guy,” Kapanui is an expert storyteller who studied under Glen Grant, the original teller of obake tales. Follow Kapanui as he guides you through the plains of Kaupe‘a,  Sacred Sands of Waikiki, alleys of Downtown Honolulu and other notorious haunts while revealing spine-chilling stories of murder, horror and mystery. A piece of advice? Bring Hawaiian salt to throw over your left shoulder before you enter your house, because the only spirits you want around for Halloween are Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo.

$40 per person, starting locations vary. For more info, call (808) 673-9099 or visit


Honolulu Ghost and Mystery Tours

Downtown Honolulu/Chinatown at night has all the makings of a horror film—sketchy characters, ghostly apparitions, shadowy corners that make you shudder. The Walk with The Dead four-hour ghost tour gives you a front row seat of what darkness exists in a place known for its maddening history of crime, murder and suicide.

$40 per person, children are not permitted. To book a reservation email Steven Fredrick at For more info, visit


Honolulu City Ghost Haunts Walking Tour

There’s no Gilligan on this three-hour tour. But, there will be legends of the supernatural, told by an expert guide, which possess some of O‘ahu’s most historical places including ‘Iolani Palace and the State Capitol. And, if you’re lucky (or unlucky?), you might have some orbs pop up in your pics from your fright night adventure.

Starting from $43, complimentary pickups from most Honolulu hotels. For more info, visit


O‘ahu Ghost Tours

From visiting creepy hospitals where the souls of sick children from World War II linger, to learning about sacred places that belonged to Hawaiian royalty, O‘ahu’s Ghost Tours pulls out all the nightmarish stops. Tours include: Myth and Legends of Waikīkī, Orbs of O‘ahu, Honolulu City Haunts and Scared Spirits. Knowledgeable storytellers paint the town dead with narratives of paranormal activity and real-life experiences.

Prices and pick-up destinations vary. For more info, visit