These Dreamy, Hawai‘i-Inspired Perfumes Are Perfection in a Bottle

Crafted by an Island-loving New Yorker, HI Wildflower fragrances are all about the tropical vibes.
Island perfume
Photos: Courtesy of HI Wildflower


Turns out we’re not the only ones head-over-heels for our tropical home. (Shocker, we know.) Brooklyn-based writer Tanwi Nandini Islam is the latest maker to get inspired by the Islands, and it’s manifested in a seriously scent-sational way: HI Wildflower, a gorgeous oil perfume line that has made our snouts and our souls all kinds of happy.


Islam thoughtfully crafts her scents from the heart, curating sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to create stories in a bottle, built upon her experiences and memories. HI Wildflower was born during a period of upheaval in her life. Working on a novel and dealing with a layoff, Islam took a trip to Hawai‘i to heal and create, and the abundance of local flower culture left a serious impression. The result? Three ‘āina-inspired perfumes that have captured our senses. 



The Hanalei, made with pink peppercorn, Hawai‘i-sourced ylang ylang and Bourbon vanilla,  was inspired by the rural beach town’s charm. For the Nāmaka, named for the Hawaiian goddess of the sea, Islam tried to capture the feelings and smells of the beach, packing the fragrance with Tahitian gardenia, white grapefruit and coconut. Finally, the newest addition to the collection, Sándalo, is a moody meditation on the shifting nature of volcanic lands, featuring earthy Royal Hawaiian sandalwood from the Big Island, patchouli and ash.


Available at Roberta Oaks, 19 N. Pauahi St., (808) 526-1111,