There's Something About Dairy

You: My fridge is filled with tomatoes, coffee, even chocolate grown here in Hawai‘i. What do I hafta do for milk from a lovely, amazingly talented Kama’aina cow like you?

Naked Cow: Are you buttering me up?

You: Of course not. But I am trying to milk you for all you’re worth.

Naked Cow: You know, somebody already is. You can get fresh, gourmet butter and soft cheese at O‘ahu farmers markets from Naked Cow Dairy, which is right out in Wai‘anae.

You: But I thought there were no local dairy farms?

Naked Cow: We’re the only one on O‘ahu. Our flavored fresh cream butters, like toasted coconut and mac nut honey are made with all Island ingredients. And we make soft cheeses with no preservatives or stabilizers. You could say our creamed cheese and feta stand alone.

You: So you mean, I don’t have to buy the cow …

Naked Cow: …because you can get the milk from me.

Naked Cow Dairy products are available Saturdays at Kapi‘olani Community College and Waianae farmers markets, Sundays at the Hale‘iwa Farmers Market and Wednesday nights at the Honolulu Farmers Market at the Blaisdell. For more info, visit .