The Write Bet

Lei Chic "I was, ummm…studying? Yeah, that's it, studying! And then on the way home, this wild raccoon totally ran in front of the car! I know, weird right? I didn't know Hawaii had raccoons either…must've escaped from the zoo or something. "

"Anyway, then the car wouldn't start and my phone died. Which is why I'm just getting home now, one, err, two hours after curfew. And um, heh heh… "

No matter how good your poker face, Dad could always see through your bluffs.

And yet, even with all your bad calls, he never failed to love you in spades and pick you up when the chips were down.

So this Father’s Day, go all in and snag pops a gift that really says he’s aces, like a Poker Pen from the newly launched Kailua company Owner Evan Scherman started the company after searching for card-themed gifts for his own father, that were, well, suited to his style.

Hand-cast and polished, and plated with black titanium, the rollerball pens come in three snazzy card-themed designs. The Emerald Poker and Pearl Poker styles are made from high-quality holly and maple woods and feature suit-prints on pearl and felt-hued backgrounds. Both come adorned with intricate hand-carved inlays trimmed by sleek rhodium plating. The Poker Royale pen keeps the focus on family with a court-inspired print and glossy lacquer finish. And all are equipped with a top-notch rhodium nib and premium steel cartridge refill.

Now that’s what you call a lucky draw.

For more info, call 1.877.765.3729 or visit Lei Chic readers can get a 10% discount through noon, Saturday, June 19, by entering the promo code LEICHIC2010 at checkout. Pens will be available for pick-up late Saturday afternoon, in time for Father's Day. Pick-up details will be emailed to you following your order.