“The W” name is gone, not the lounge.

On January 9, the W Honolulu hotel changed owners to Castle Resorts, which in turn changed the name of the hotel to The Lotus at Diamond Head.  The W, known most by locals for its chic lounge, has been a hotspot for Friday and Saturday nights.  So, my first thought on hearing the news was, "What about the lounge?"

Lotus manager, Allan Tam, assures that the lounge is running as normal.  It’s exactly the same with a "21 and over crowd, and the format [and promotions] have not changed."  And, they have no plans of changing it.

Just as before, the hotel, Flipside Entertainment and Kurious Productions promote Friday’s Wonderlounge and Saturday’s Dragonfly Room.

My only question is now: What do you call it?  It’s not the W anymore.  I wouldn’t suggest "Lotus," for confusion with another similarly named club, Lotus Soundbar.  How about just "the Diamond Head lounge?"