The Viner Things in Life

Lei Chic Your last trip was to Napa was amazing. At least, that’s what you thought from your warm and fuzzy – extremely fuzzy – recollections.

Then a case of crappy wine with a bill for $375 arrives on your doorstep and the memories come pouring back. Security escorting you out of tasting room number six. Sipping chard served out of a “winemaker’s” van off of Highway 29. Competitive champagne shots with a crowd of barely-21 spring breakers over bad drive-through food.

Apparently, you were the toasted of the town.

Lei Chic Here’s a chance to rewine with a crew guaranteed to keep your next adventure in good taste. The Wine Stop is now taking reservations for its insiders’ trip to Napa Valley.

For almost a week you’ll tour with a group of certified sommeliers and gain entrance to 15 hard-to-get into wineries, a few that are generally not open to the public. You’ll walk behind the scenes, learning from the winemakers themselves before tasting the best their vineyards can offer.

Lei Chic Paired with those amazing pours is six days of gourmet meals including lunches at the breathtaking Castello di Amorosa and the famed Duckhorn Estates, as well as dinner by Hell’s Kitchen winner Chef Christina Machamer. Every night will end in your own feather-down blanketed bed at a winery resort.

And here’s the liquor – the price includes all meals, transportation, and even a wine country survivors’ kit.

So the next time you reach a cork in the road, you can trust someone will steer you in the right direction.

The Wine Stop’s Napa Tour is April 22 – 27. Prices are $2,295 per person for a double occupancy room and $2,695 for single occupancy, airfare and taxes are not included.
Make your reservation with a 25 percent non-refundable deposit.  E-mail or call (808) 946-3707.

Photo of Napa Valley © Brent Miller,