The Sony Shop

My dad loved Sony products. Virtually every home electronics item he bought was a Sony – TVs, cameras, VCRs, radios, DVD players, tape recorders and more. He bought all of them at a neighborhood Sony shop near our house. Even though it has been more than 15 months since he passed away, a sales person from that shop called recently to check on my mom and to see how she was doing since the earthquake. I couldn’t believe it.

I told him that our Sony TV was about the only thing still standing when I first returned home. He said our Bravia model was the best TV Sony made at that time and that one of its features was that the TV and stand were earthquake proof. It was a good thing my dad was a loyal Sony customer. I guess he helped us from heaven as we do not have to buy new TV.

The Sony shop stayed open even on the day the earthquake struck. Their radios and batteries were sold out in hours but they have opened their shop every day since and have been busy checking on their customers to see if they need help.