The Shoe Fits

Shoes are your weakness – you've never met a strappy platform you didn't like. And yur closet is brimming with them.

But the shoes you wear most often? That's a whole 'nother story. You always just go for the trashed rubbah slippahs sitting by the door.

But there are more fun ways to sport flip-flops. Try a pair of these closet-worthy slippers.

Lei ChicSocks With Sandals
You don’t want to wear a covered shoe, but it is raining outside. And a little chilly. Enter the Sanuk TubeFlops, swank rubber slippers with a sock-come-legwarmer attached. But not the Jennifer Beales cheesy pink scrunch. Think sexy schoolgirl knee socks meet surfer chic. Yeah, you’re getting a pair of the gold zebra stripes. Available this fall at T&C Surf shops


Lei ChicToo Big For Those Jeans
Muffin top. Camel toe. Avoid those gnarly monikers with the new rage of body-shaping flip flops. You can go for FitFlops, the Oprah craze that started it all. Or channel your inner Geisha with Shape Up Shoes. Their chunky, angular soles come in a fab range of colors, and they claim to build leg strength, burn calories and increase posture.

Lei ChicNot Made In Taiwan
Buying local is hot. Made in Kaka’ako, Scott Hawai’i has been pumping out Kama’aina footwear since 1932. Their classic styles include a line designed for big wave rider Greg Noll. We also like the Poni, which has a cool crisscross design and is vegetarian (in case you want a snack). The Corvette of the local slippah scene is Olu Kai, made on Maui. These sporty flip-flops are made from materials picked to be soft on the skin and engineered to conform to your feet. You’ll know them by the makau (bone hook) symbol. At Mauka to Makai at Ward Center:

Lei ChicWool Over Your Toes
You live in Hawai’i. Everything under 70 degrees is chilly. But abandon your slippers for a 60 degree cold snap? No way, braddah. Try on Ugg’s fluffie sandal. It has the rubber, un-fussy upper you love with a soft fleece foot bed.