The search for a new home – Week two

As mentioned last week, we’re following Ed and Maile Sugimoto’s house-hunting adventures as they search for a home in town for their growing family. One that caught their eye was a large, two-story home in Manoa that’s been on the market for a few months. With 3,142 square feet of living area, it’s designed for multi-family living.

"For some reason, this house really spoke to us. I’m not sure if we liked it because we had just come from looking at a tiny house, or that it’s so close to our in-laws (read: babysitters), or just that it had this really cool, ‘party’ house feel," Ed says. "I was also with my wife, her brother, and his fiancée, and the house is so spacious that we could imagine owning the house together.

"With five bedrooms, three bathrooms and many nooks and crannies, we were each imagining where our beds, computers and 52-inch HDTVs would go, and who we would invite over for barbecues," he added.

The home would have to remain in the Sugimotos’ imaginations, because the house is priced at $1,368,000 fee simple – well out of their price range.

"I started thinking that maybe my parents could sell their house and use the money toward half of this Manoa house," Ed says. "I could put up the other half and we could live in the house with my parents. But then … I’d have to live with my parents!"

The other disadvantage for the Sugimotos, despite the square footage and many rooms, is that all of the living area is on one floor, somewhat close together. Downstairs, there is a studio that can be used as a recreation room, but not as a separate residence because there is no kitchen.

"If the downstairs had a kitchen and a separate entrance, one of the families could have lived there to keep things somewhat private. As another option, we could’ve also rented it out for additional income," Ed explains.

"When we left that day, I told the selling agent that I’d be back once I win the lottery."

If you’re interested in seeing the home:
Money talk: $1,368,000 fee simple

Contact: Donna Shiraki, Kaimana Realty, 808-383-9362,