The search for a new home

Meet Fernando and Sarah Pacheco, who are looking for a new home. This is their first time at home ownership, and I think their search will be interesting to watch in this market with such low inventory.

Each week (or whatever week they go house-hunting), I’ll update you with a brief on the challenges of the market, their thought process behind the house hunt, and what they’ve learned.

“Neither of my parents owned real estate, so I’m learning as I go,” Fernando says. “It’s definitely been eye-opening for us, especially with the demand heavily outweighing supply of good homes in metro Honolulu.”

The Pachecos currently live in Makiki and are looking to buy anywhere from Salt Lake to East Honolulu.

“We’re looking for a new place so that our daughter Lola can have her own room, and to make room for expanding ourfamily,” Sarah explains.

“We also figured it’s a good time to do this, with interest rates so low,” Fernando adds.

You may recognize Fernando as the lead singer of the ska band Pimpbot and a DJ at KPOI radio, but he’s also behind the scenes as a blogger for, a wellness site for HMSA. Sarah is the lead stylist and owner of Glam Studio, providing hair and makeup services for weddings.

Join me and the Pachecos on their house-hunting adventure in the coming weeks! If you have any leads or tips for them, share them here!