The Royal Treatment Once upon a time, there was a little princess who asked her mommy, the Queen, for a magical birthday party.

The Queen wanted to grant her daughter's wish, of course, but she was no Fairy Godmother. Between keeping the castle clean, doing the royal laundry, cooking feasts for the King, and getting her loyal subjects to soccer practice, she was swamped in her official duties. Plus, she was fresh out of glitter, gowns and glass slippers – her enchantment needed some enhancement.

So Her Majesty called A Fairy Princess Affair, who provided all the princess party fun she needed, from start to finish. Two grown-up Fairy Princess characters arrived at the party ready to entertain, with face-painting, makeovers, manicures, crafts, puzzles, coloring, and games. The little princess and her friends loved dressing up in the beautiful costumes, complete with fairy wings, skirts, headbands, and magic wands. They even made their own glitter jewel tiaras, and the birthday girl received a special crowning ceremony.

The Queen was pleased that she could customize the party to her liking, and that she could join the fun, too – instead of hosting at home, she could also choose to book a day spa as the venue. So while the princesses played, other members of the Royal Family could relax with facials and massages. B

ut most importantly, the little princess had more fun than she could shake her magic wand at.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

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