The Pop Ten List

Lei Chic The Daily Rind
Because salads just don't go well with beer, Pork Grinds Hawaii ($4) gives the guilty pleasure island flavors such as furikake, kim chee, char siu and sinus-clearing lava bbq.

Lei ChicWristful Thinking
Keep his tunes in easy reach by turning his iPod nano into an iWatchz; the watchband/dock is available in silicone ($24.95) and, for those old school rockers, a not-so-heavy metal ($69.96).

Lei ChicSear-ious Business
No one likes being grilled at the office unless it's by a serious steak-holder like your father packing the BBQ briefcase ($10.47).

Lei ChicPocket Aces
If you’re going to go the wallet route, might as well make it one that thwarts identity thieves with a stainless steel frame (Stewart/Stand, $41 – $77 at Riches, Kahala Mall).

Lei ChicMusic to a T
Air guitar is so 1990s. Kick him into the 21st century with a strummable guitar shirt ($29.99) that actually produces his (questionable) music. Now all you need are some old-school amps and ear plugs.

Lei ChicWhat a Gas
Think of it as therapy for his rush hour road rage. Podium Raceway’s electric kart races (3 for $45) give dad a way to go 0-50 mph in three seconds flat without anyone asking, “Are We There Yet?”.

Lei ChicOn the Rocks Stars
Your teenage years drove him to drink so he might as well have the good stuff. Tamura’s Dir. Of Operations and scotch afficianado Jason Fukeda suggests their exclusive Signatory Cask Strength Bowmore ($599.99) for the ultimate experience or the Balvenie 12-year doublewood ($45) a more affordable go-to sipper.

Lei ChicSo Rice to Come Home To
If he’s more sushi than cigars, Nadine Leong of The Sake Shop suggests the versatile Genzou Haguro Honjyozo ($49.95) that you can drink warm or cold, or the Otokoyama ($109.95) for the connoisseur.

Lei ChicBlip, Blip, Hooray
It has wi-fi, 1 GHz dual-core A5 chip, and 132 ppi on a 9.7-inch LED backlit screen. But since he only uses his iPad to play Pac-man, stick on the Joystick-It ($24.99) for the real retro experience.

Lei ChicNot So Bored Shorts
He refuses to wear that pocket square so infuse a little fashion into dad’s outdoor gear with Quiksilver’s custom-made board shorts ($99).







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