The "Pleasure Lounge" Playground

Inside Amuse Wine Bar looking towards the Cupola.

Photos: Courtesy HISociety

Stage Restaurant bar.

Started in February of this year, HISociety’s Pleasure Lounge at the Honolulu Design Center has really taken off the last few months with many weeks reaching max capacity by midnight.  Now, wait a minute… have you seen the Honolulu Design Center? The venue is huge! And, to be able to fill up a space as large as the Honolulu Design Center makes Pleasure Lounge quite impressive—especially, when I watch as other bars struggle to fill up every week.

What’s even more interesting is that HISociety’s promotions have been minimal, “using Facebook, posters, flyers and word of mouth,” says HISociety promoter, Keoni Chan, “There were about two to three hundred [people] initially at the first couple of events,” he adds.  Then, by summer time, it took off.

I’ve visited the Honolulu Design Center numerous times and I can vouch that it is a sort of "pleasure lounge" playground with much to do and keep you entertained.  The Amuse Wine Bar offers 80 different bottles for you to pick, choose and taste, while the Stage Restaurant bar offers your mixed drinks and beer. The Ice Bar is a cute glass-enclosed room with a view over Kapiolani Boulevard, while the Cupola is the largest and tallest room with VIP tables, another bar and the DJ.

If that’s not satisfying enough, HISociety is considering adding comedy shows, fashion shows and Mainland talent, like DJs, into its Saturday night repertoire.

Inside the Cupola, facing the DJ and video screen.


  1. If you want a deal on wine, visit the Honolulu Design Center on Wednesday nights when you can buy a $50 wine card for $28, then use it up on Saturday night for Pleasure Lounge.
  2. Valet is mandatory at Honolulu Design Center at $5 per car.  If you’re supposed to meet people in town, park by Pearl at Ala Moana, then carpool over.
  3. The Stage Restaurant kitchen closes at 9:30 p.m., so eat first. Meanwhile, HISociety is planning on offering some kind of food during the night in the future.

Pleasure Lounge, Saturday nights only, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., $10 cover, $5 valet., 21+.

Honolulu Design Center
Enter on Piikoi Street
1250 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, HI