The Odd Squad

Lei ChicYou wake up in the morning, say hello to your 1.8 room mates/family members and drive the 26.1 minutes to work (no traffic today). There you plug away for 7.5 hours to bring in part of your household’s $64,661 income, according to the U.S. Census, until it’s time to return to your median average $315,000 condo.

You deal with blending in at work. But when it comes to your 875-square foot condo you love to stand out in a crowd by getting down and quirky.

You’ll find some uncommon ground at Hound & Quail.

Lei ChicThe urban studio-like shop is the new creation by the owners of the now defunct vintage furniture store [area]. Stashed amid nail and hair salons on Kapiolani Boulevard, Mark Pei and Travis Flazer’s 200 square-foot second-floor space has the intriguing sense that you’re walking into the study of a fun-but-slightly-off uncle; a 1960s armchair and old school chair line up in front of mounted antlers, decades-old cameras, vintage bowling bags and briefcases and old phone signs. Drawers of printing press blocks and acrylic-encased scientific models of brains and skeletons sit just feet away from a refurbished and repurposed library card catalog-turned table guaranteed to make you feel like a schoolgirl again.

Everything in the extremely well-edited Hound & Quail was hand-selected from estate sales in Hawaii on the mainland. Each furniture or curiosity is also on the small side for two reasons; to fit in the island’s tight apartments and condos, and because it's easier for Pei to bring back from his trips as Hawaiian Airlines pilot.

And for the first time Pei and Flazer are importing unusual accessories. Pick up a psycho-red shower curtain complete with Anthony Perkin’s knife-wielding outline or mugs with a secret hidden in the bottom until your last sips (hint: Flazer loves animals).

Which means it’s just one stop to creating a style that’s one in 6,775,235,741 (world population).

Hound & Quail is located at 1400 Kapiolani Blvd., on the second floor of building C. Starting Monday, April 18, it will be open M, W & F from 5-8 p.m. and also by appointment. E-mail or start shopping now on its website.