The New Local Accessory That’ll Be Hanging Around for a Long Time

Here’s an earful on why MA.GA.NDA is becoming a superfly lobe rider.
Maganda earrings


There’s so much to love about MA.GA.NDA earring owner and designer Bayebette Lacar. For example, she goes by Baye. How cool is it to have a name that is synonymous with the most badass “B” on the planet? And Baye herself has some Sasha Fierce in her. She’s a mom by day, bartender by night, and in her spare time, aka when her baby is sleeping, she whips up earrings that are pieces of art. “Two months after I had my daughter, I decided to make earrings for myself,” recalls Lacar. “I had no intentions of starting my own jewelry line, but I was fortunate to have others encourage me to do so.”


Well, high-fives to those who persuaded Baye to own and showcase her creativity. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be able to tell you our seven reasons why these earrings will be the next cult obsession—if they aren’t already.


1. Maganda means beautiful in Tagalog. It’s exotic and fitting. Plus, it sounds like a powerful kingdom from Black Panther.


Maganda earrings


2. The earrings are made out of polymer clay, which means they’re lightweight—‘cause, let’s be real, no one likes a stretched puka.


3. No mass production. Every earring is handmade by Baye. She starts off with sketches, mixes clay colors, cuts and shapes the clay, then bakes and paints the pieces. No twinsies.


4. The five different geo-shaped, oversized designs follow the bigger-the-better earring trend.


Maganda earrings
Photo: Natalie Nakasone


5. Whimsical hits of muted, soft hues (resembling Pantone’s spring lineup) are a refreshing change from the beachy brights we’re drowning in.


6. They’re local. Nuff said.


7. They’re affordable! Prices range from $24 to $44. So, if you like it put an earring on it!


Available at Ginger13, 22 S. Pauahi St., (808) 531-5311.