The Most Romantic Dessert, for Valentine's Day

The Pavlova was created for world-famous ballerina Anna Pavlova.  In Mavro’s version it includes that Valentine’s essential, chocolate.

"It’s the most romantic dessert in the world," insists George Mavrothalassitis.  "In every country Pavlova danced, people would make it for her."

In the video below, Mavro shows how its done.

Pavlova is generally meringue and fruit, but Mavro points out that a true Pavlova is not a stiff meringue.  It takes him three hours to make, and six meticulous minutes to plate a single dessert, but his version, he says, "is like eating a cloud."

The dessert also contains those Valentine’s essentials—raspberries and chocolate, in the form of a Valrhona chocolate bavaroise.

Don’t have reservations for tonight?  All is not lost.  Mavro will be making this romantic dessert during the whole week.  Being French, he refers to it as "The Week of Love."

In fact, the Pavlova has proved so popular, he’s going to create another version of it for his Spring menu, debuting some time next month.

Take a look.  The Pavlova is, like its namesake, a thing of beauty.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Video by Susanne Kurisu, Menpachi Productions