The Missed List – September

The season has started and your schedule is packed – at least your DVR is. Now you can finally get the answers to your burning questions.

Will 2 ½ men lose its sheen with Ashton Kutcher?
Will Paula and Simon get along with Nicole?
How long will Rachel Zoe's new assistant last this time?

Playing catch up with your cable leaves you little time to get to those Lei Chic articles you had stashed away for evening reading.

Don’t hit pause. Don’t worry about rewinding. We’ve scrolled through this month to give us our highlight reel for September.

Lei Chic Gritty Little Things
GR/T by Panacea jewelry

Life isn’t always beachy keen. But even on those days when you're on the edge Kaylin Laeha's jewelry lets you get down to the nitty gritty in style. The University of Hawaii student’s collection boasts bold-yet-fragile pieces featuring porcupine quills, chains, and even semi-precious stones in bullet casings. Since our article, she received the call from Hawaii's Hollywood. Watch for her pieces on an upcoming Hawaii Five-O.
Ready, aim, and be inspired .

Lei Chic Get Your Pregame On
Tailgating items you didn’t know you needed

The last time you tried opening a beer bottle with your slipper your friends yanked you from the pregame bartending duties (apparently smacking a Heineken light repeatedly is frowned upon). So while the Warriors are on the road you have a few weeks to stock up on a few of our tailgating finds that will keep you from committing other party fouls.
Click here because sewing your own truck bed couch takes too long.

Lei Chic Eyes on the Pies & Sugar and Spice and Everything Rice
Bliss Bakery and Sweet Temptations delish desserts

September brought on quite a sugar crush, times two. First, Bliss Bakery’s tender chicken pot pies and toothsome fruit tarts captivated us so much, we invited Kathy Masunaga to dish up rich mint and coffee-frosted brownies at our Pop-Up Boutique. The treat most couldn't walk away without was her signature Bliss spread; a luscious concoction of eggs and sugar with fresh lilikoi, vanilla and pineapple, or strawberry guava that we bet even makes the plate palatable.
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Lei Chic Then, just as we were coming down from our sugar high, Sweet Temptations sent us rocketing with its mochi cupcakes. Owner GeriLyn Vallesteros got her start with the search for the perfect frosting. Her cream cheese-based recipe definitely adds an amazing tang to her addictive chewy, sticky, yet not-too-dense mochi cupcakes. Rumor is she’s offering a few of her popular sampler sets on Facebook today featuring her ube mochi, which just sold for the first time a week ago, along with a few other favorites.
Who needs lunch when you can click here?

Lei Chic Two Days Only
The Lei Chic Mercedes Benz Pop-Up Boutique

You came. You drank. You bought, and in many cases bought again and again. More than 200 people stopped by the Mercedes Benz Showroom and so many others went online to check out the designers in our first ever Pop-Up Boutique that our website crashed. If you missed the party or are suffering from buyers’ remorse (ie. Why didn’t I buy that when I had the chance?) you can still shop for our designers’ amazing creations online or in person.
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Lei Chic Boutique photo courtesy: Steve Czerniak