The Missed List – June

It’s officially summer and vacation time is here – well, for everyone else but you.

In fact, all your co-workers out-of-office replies are bumping into your inbox and pushing all the stuff you really want to read (like us) right out.

So you don’t fall further behind in your style studies, here is a round up of our favorite picks this month.

Lei Chic Slick and Tired & Fruits of Their Labor
Passchal tire bags, Guava Shop clutches

How could we possibly choose when we’re toting love for both of these new lines? Passchal’s sleek, modern purses made from recycled tractor tires are still surprising oil change customers at Lex Brodie’s on Queen St. No, the imported leather items do not smell like rubber. Right now, get 10 percent off Passchal with the purchase of two tires.
Click here to roll with Passchal.

Lei Chic On the flip side, there is barely any black in sight in Haleiwa-based Guava Shop’s colorful leather pieces, which are just big enough to hold the essentials without making you look like a bag lady. Sorry, the chocolate-and-pink wallet clutch is sold out (we bought the turquoise in the story photo). But the ladies at Guava are ordering more yummy colors.
Clutch your wallet and click here for Guava.

Lei Chic Braising the Bar
Salt Kitchen & Tasting Bar

Sometimes you feel like a ham. But when it comes to high-end menus, frankly, you’re a little chicken. Salt Kitchen turns its upscale cocktails and charcuterie (tasty prepared meats in layman’s terms) into a friendly and delicious adventure with almost 30 small dishes, charcuterie, and cheeses meant for sharing.
Click here for the new spot worth its … well, you know.

Lei ChicSip, Sip, Hooray!
Free Wine Tastings in Hawaii

You have a problem. We’re not talking about your daily glass, you’re vine with that. What you find not so grape is the amount of cash you spend to try new reds and whites. So we spill about free wine tastings (for you neighbor islands too) that will cover you almost every day of the week.
Click here for the im-pour-tant information.

Lei Chic No Prints Charming
I Am Shop Opens

We love our sundress collection, but sometimes you really want to live on the edge. Lovelessizm creator Richie Miao and designer Kara Matsunaga’s new boutique gives you the sleek, hip options with a little twist. Check out the world retail debut of the uber-affordable Lava Roses collection of not-so-basic basics, browse cool jewelry pulled from Asia, and make sure to check out unusual dressing room before you go (like you need another reason to try something on).
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