The Missed List – August

Summer Lovin’, had you a blast. Summer Lovin’, happened so fast.

Sure you met a boy that was crazy for you. But when those summer nights ended you realized while you ran to dances in your saddle shoes, permed your sandy hair, and learned how to smoke '70s style, you missed all the late season scoops from Lei Chic.

Fortunately, we’re hopelessly devoted to you. To prove you’re the one that we want, here are some of our favorites from August.

Lei ChicJust for Licks
Candy Arts Hawaii’s custom lollipops

Life is sweet, even if you get licked once in awhile. So sometimes you want to relive a little of your childhood wonder – especially if it means you can have dessert before dinner. Candy Art Hawaii spins simple sugar into mouthwatering masterpieces such as swans, frogs, flowers, and more. Nathan and Chika Tanaka just demonstrated the art at Shirokiya and are getting into a busy season, so book early.
Stick it to your party competition by clicking here.

Lei ChicA Delicate Power
Heather Guevarra Arcega’s new collection debuts in Hawaii

While many designers dream of moving to bigger cities, Royal Kunia's Heather Guevarra Arcega is making a move home by debuting her newest line here in Honolulu. Since our article, we've learned the San Francisco-based designer will sell her lace, black-trimmed tanks, sari silk-trimmed tunics, and equestrian-inspired sheer leggings at Collins & 8th Saturday (for 10 percent off, 25 percent off her shoes). The looks won't be in mainland stores until this spring.
A dress your missed Lei Chic by clicking here. And take a closer look at Guevarra Arcega with Lei Chic tomorrow on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now (7:40 a.m. on KGMB).

Lei ChicRipe for the Drinking
Seasonally delicious cocktails

You wanted to raise the bar but last time you tried to shake things up yourself all you got was mixed reviews. Let some of Hawaii’s top cocktail masters blend a hand with their refreshing recipes for seasonal fruit drinks. If you’ve already tried our original list we have a reason for you to call for a second round; new concoctions from Salt Kitchen and Lewers Lounge at Halekulani.
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Lei Chic Prince of Tieds
Joli Sole’s multi-wear sandals

Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the perfect dress, jeans, or top, you forget about your feet. Okay, that probably never happens. But if you did forget to grab a fabulous pair of shoes, JoliSoles gives you more than a comfortable flat; it gives you options. More than 20 different colors of ties allow you to create a gladiator, t-strap, or even a bootie look. Right now, the soles are 50 percent off.
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