The Lip Crowd

Lei ChicLet's get ready to MUMBLE!

In this corner, weighing in at 115 pounds (at least that’s what she claims on her driver’s license) is LEEEI Chic’s Smile! In the opposite corner, the reigning chapped-ion and TDO (totally dried out) record holder, ARID winter weather!

(bell rings)

Smile comes out swinging but her usual waxy gloss is a miss. Now weather winds up and … POW! Right in the kisser! Weather gusting out some big moves next – it flakes left, then right. Smile twists and pouts. Oh no! Her style is on the ropes!

Lei ChicWait, what’s this? Our contender is fighting back with the new Filthy Farmgirl smoochies.The Big Island-made lip balm’s retro-cool packaging masks major defenses such as sweet almond, avocado and coconut oils, Hawaii beeswax, and shea butter. The fans are going wild for Filthy Farmgirl’s 12 unique, cheeky concoctions such as original chocolate, spicy chai Filthy Tiger, refreshing coconut lime Filthy Surfer, and a new flavorite, brand new mango Filthy Red Panda.

Even the cheap seats are getting quite a show since every smoochie is just four dollars with free shipping and handling.

Weather is down! By unanimous decision, the grinner and new champion is Smile!

Now those were some smooth moves.

Smoochies are available on Filthy Farmgirl's website, order other flavors through facebook, or find them on Maui at Whole Foods and the Maui Swap Meet. E-mail for more information.