The History of Hawai‘i From Our Files

We dug into our archives to look back at haute tropical fashion of the 1940s, Honolulu Stadium in Mō‘ili‘ili and more.


From Our Files October2022

Photo: Bob Ebert


1947: Haute Tropics
Elegant block-printed holokū, dirndl skirts and sarongs in lively tropical prints are among the locally designed women’s fashions spotted during Aloha Week, the statewide festival celebrating Hawai‘i’s heritage.



From Our Files October20225

Photo: Bob Ebert


1947: Yard House
Around 27,000 football fans (a record at the time) pack Honolulu Stadium in Mō‘ili‘ili to see Hawai‘i son and college football star Herman Wedemeyer, who later tackles the role of Detective Duke Lukela on Hawai‘i Five-O, take on UH Mānoa with the St. Mary’s Gaels.



From Our Files October20224

Photo: R. Wenkam


1952: Oh My Mod
Writer Nancy Bannick explores the interior of a young couple’s midcentury Liliha home, which employs sliding shoji doors and burlap drapes as space dividers, and features both a fireplace and an interior sunken patio dotted with Eames molded plywood lounge chairs.



From Our Files October20222

Photo: Boone Morrison


1987: Of Note
Musician-filmmaker Eddie Kamae of the Sons of Hawai‘i pays tribute to legendary composer and fiddle player Sam Li‘a Kalainaina, known as the “songwriter of Waipi‘o Valley,” in the documentary Li‘a: The Legacy of a Hawaiian Man.



From Our Files October20223

Photo: Kyle Rothenborg


1997: Late Crew
HONOLULU food critic John Heckathorn surveys the late-night dining scene at downtown’s buzzy Palomino Bistro, where one can pair craft cocktails with crispy wood-fired pizza until the wee hours of the morning.


The first automobile touched down in Honolulu in October 1899, boasting a top speed of 14 mph.


From Our Files October20226


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