The Great Pumpkin

You may be too old to trick-or-treat, but you’d still like something good to eat. This Halloween, leave the candy to the kids and indulge in a few of the season’s tastiest pumpkin-flavored desserts and sweets.

Read on for our top picks from this year’s pumpkin batch.


Lei Chic Pumpkin Square
The Treat: A scrumptious baked pumpkin cream cheese pastry on top of a crunchy pecan and cookie crust.
Available: Now through October 31
Scare Some Up At: Leonard’s Bakery, 933 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, 808.737.5591


Lei Chic

Pumpkin Muffin
The Treat: A pumpkin flavored muffin filled with pineapple and macadamia nuts.
Available: Now through Thanksgiving
Scare Some Up At: Various Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations throughout Hawai'i.

Lei Chic
Pumpkin Fro-Yo
The Treat: A refreshing pumpkin and cinnamon spice flavored frozen yogurt topped with graham cracker crumbles.
Available: Now through December 31
Scare Some Up At: Red Mango Kahala Mall, 808.734.8039 and Red Mango Waikiki Beach Walk, 808.922.0848.

Lei Chic

Pumpkin Cream Puff
The Treat: A light n’ fluffy cream puff shell filled with pumpkin flavored custard.
Available: October 26 through the last week of November
Scare Some Up At: Various Beard Papa’s locations throughout Oahu.



Lei Chic
Pumpkin Cookie
The Treat: Sweet little pumpkin flavored cookies with pistachio nut stems.
Available: Now through October 31.
Scare Some Up At: Satura Cakes Ward, Ward Centre, 808.537.1206 and Satura Cakes Downtown, 55 Merchant Street, Honolulu, 808.537.1206


Lei Chic

Pumpkin Swirl Bread
The Treat: A pumpkin-flavored bread loaf filled with tasty swirls of brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice.
Available: Tuesdays and Saturdays (per location)
Scare Some Up At: Select Great Harvest Bread Company locations throughout Oahu


Lei Chic
Pumpkin Cheesecake
The Treat: A light pumpkin-flavored cheesecake topped with a dollop of pumpkin whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate and pistachio nut pieces.
Available: Friday, October 30 through Thanksgiving
Scare Some Up At: Patisserie La Palme D’or, Ala Moana Center, Level 2, 808.941.6161