The grandeur of old Hawaii in Nuuanu

If you love the charm of historic homes, the places to look are in Manoa and Nuuanu. This new listing was built in 1934 and, aside from the modern upgrades, retains the look and feel of a colonial-style home of its era.

Robert White, a contractor in the 1930s, owned the surrounding Nuuanu lots, but chose this one on which to build his family home. It’s a little more than a half acre, so the yard is huge, but it has R-10 zoning, so you can plan for expansion.

“Little known fact: White brought the major beams from the mainland and soaked them in Hawaii salt water for termite prevention,” says Sue Ann Lee of Kahala Associates.

She adds that the current owners purchased the property from White’s daughter in 1981 and are only thesecond family to own this home.

The two-story residence is 3,584 square feet, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Upgrades include hardwood floors, a modern kitchen and more, but you still feel as if you’ve stepped back in time when you walk through the gates and into the house. (Click here for details.)

Money talk: $2,500,000 fee simple
Contact: Sue Ann Lee, Kahala Associates, 808-722-9581,