The Fix Is In

Oscar night has come and gone once more. And with it, your favorite award show pastime — scanning the red carpet for hilarious wardrobe malfunctions (will anyone ever top Tara Reid’s colossal outfit fail?) And yet, this time around there was nary a nip slip, unruly bra strap, or VPL in sight.  

You may not be able to swing your own personal stylist, but you can certainly help yourself to these handy little fashion fix-its:

Lei Chic Strap Happy
Easily conceal bra straps with Fashion Forms Strap Solutions. The ingenious little heart-shaped clips are crafted with two interior tabs that bring together and hold the straps at the back of the bra, instantly transforming it into a racerback style. Sold as a set of three, the clips come in clear, nude and black. Available at Macy's, Ala Moana Shopping Center, 808.941.2345.



Lei Chic
Waist Management
You hate the bulkiness that regular belts add to your waistband. But there’s nothing hip about flashing your undies every five seconds thanks to the gap at the back of your pants. Get waisted minus the extra weight with an isABelt. The clear, elastic band is made of a super strong plastic that’s durable enough to hold put even the heaviest of jeans, yet lightweight and ultra-thin, making it virtually unnoticeable. Available at In My Closet, Kahala Mall, 808.734.5999.

Lei Chic Feet First
You love strutting your stuff in the season’s hottest heels, but it’s your poor, aching feet that foot the bill. Treat your tootsies to a little sweet relief with Hue Peek-A-Boo Liners. The nylon-like foot covers are made of an ultra-comfy, soft cotton blend that helps feet stay dry by wicking away moisture, keeping painful blisters at bay and kicking calluses to the curb. And since the liners are open at the front (aside from the thin band that nestles between your big and second toes) and up top, you can rock even rock them with your sexiest peep-toes. Available at Nordstrom,  Ala Moana Shopping Center, 808.953.6100.


Lei Chic Sticky Situation
Featherlight, the Braza Clear Reveal provides all the support of a regular bra sans all the discomfort caused by unforgiving straps and underwires. It consists of two separate adhesive cups that are designed to lift and support your girls from the top (instead of smashing them together from the sides like other stick-ons), while still offering enough stretch to conform to your individual shape. And, the water resistant material it’s made from is peppered with air holes that allow skin to breathe and reduce irritation. Best of all, it can be cut to size—perfect for backless fashions and plunging necklines. Available at Morgan Beret Fine Lingerie, Ward Centre, 808.589.2580.