That's the Click It

Lei Chic Flashback: November 27, 2007.
A newcomer in your e-mail gives you a laugh and a real deal in a one-minute read.

You’ve found the perfect clutch for your sister’s Christmas gift at a chic web boutique. But even with the today-only Cyber Monday discount, the shipping costs nearly as much as the bag itself. …
If only you had a code—then you could pretend you actually did get the mainland-only free shipping offer, or at least score some free extras to make up for the extra cost. Now you’ve found that friend—or 1.5 million visitor-friends, rather—at the discount code storehouse

Crack the Code was the very first Lei Chic. Almost four years of fashion, jewelry, food, fun, dozens of television segments, and lots of cocktails later, you are now reading Lei Chic’s 1,000th article.

Let the celebration, or rather the 10:30 a.m. appropriate celebration, begin (although one of our favorite websites tells us one bar on Oahu is having happy hour right now.) To mark this milestone we went back to our roots and went digging for more websites designed to make or save you money. Cheers!

Lei Chic Real Dime Savers
Social Coupon Deal Searches
You’ve gotten your groupon and heated up your credit card with hot deals. But keeping track of all those half-price deals is taking up 100 percent of your time not to mention it’s clogging up your inbox. and Deal News sift through all the offers so you can sort them by location or category.
The Lowdown: 8coupons has more service, travel, and food deals since it pulls from travel agencies and those valpak coupons that usually come in the mail. But beware of errant deals such as the JC Penney discount that kept popping up. Deal News searches spots such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy so watch for more discounts on household products and electronics.

Lei Chic Get Carded
Gift Card Buy Back Sites

You barely know how to use a hammer so you have no idea what you'll do with a Lowe’s gift card you got for Christmas. Sell your unused ones for cash or swap it for a card you’ll actually use.
The Lowdown: Plastic Jungle,, GiftCardRescue and Cardpool all work the same way; you enter your card information, get an estimate, send in your card, and then receive payment. Often different sites pay different amounts so be sure to shop around.

Lei Chic Stay Current
Electronic Buying Sites

The guy at Verizon/Sprint/AT&T/T-Mobile gave you the hard cell. A year later, your antiquated phone is really dropping the call. We found a few places where you can cash in or trade in your old electronics.
The Lowdown: Shop around. Often you’ll get more for a trade in than you will for cash. If it’s not worth it, be sure to recycle.

Lei Chic Exit Page Left
Used Book Sellers
The blurb on the cover was the best part. Now that stack of rejected reads is threatening to take over your coffee table. Find the best price for those not-so-bestsellers on
The Lowdown: Bookscouter searches 40 different vendors. Almost all will give you a prepaid label so shipping is free.

Lei Chic In the Scan
Price Comparing Apps

Prison escapee Steve McGarrett was just about to face the music, and about a dozen police officers, when your screen faded to black. Now you’re standing in the electronics section wondering if the “one-day deal” is a deal at all. Free apps such as ShopSavvy, RedLaser, SnapTell, Barcode Scanner allow you to scan barcodes and instantaneously compare prices or check reviews.
The Lowdown: Several of the applications are supposed to search prices at local stores but online prices were more reliable.

Lei Chic Shipping the Scales
Free Shipping Codes

You scored your 20 percent off with the code from RetailMeNot but found an unpleasant surprise at check out. When did Hawaii stop being within the United States? Free lists all the codes and coupons you need to avoid that annoying fee and even highlights the retailers who REALLY offer free shipping to Hawaii.
The Lowdown: Remember, more than 2,000 retailers will eliminate this s&h on free shipping day which is December 16 this year.