Teeny Weeny Green Bikini


 You've been faithfully recycling 1's and 2's (and paper too!), and always have your reusable grocery bags at the ready. It's a rewarding effort, but sometimes you wish being eco-friendly was a little more eco-fabulous.

Now you can reduce (read: skimpy), reuse (read: show off) and be sexy in San Natura Organic's vibrant new collection of Eco-Sexy organic bikinis. Designed by San Lorenzo Kauaʻi owners Megan Spurlock and Jhonatan Figueroa, these all-Brazilian cut swimsuits feature double string or belt style bottoms and tops adorned with wooden beads, all in a variety of naturally dyed colors, like breezy sea green or blushing burgundy. 

Just like San Natura's original cotton-color organic line launched in October, the Eco-Sexy collection is made from a blend of certified organic cotton, bamboo, soy and 5 percent spandex, and is constructed in Peru by Figueroa's parents (who also make all of San Lorenzo's non-organic bikinis). But though San Lorenzo is a family business, you won't see San Natura Organic bikinis at any Oʻahu stores.

So pick out your favorite design online or head to the Kauaʻi location to select the perfect size-color-style combo.

Because global warming is so hot right now.

San Natura Organic bikinis are exclusively available at San Lorenzo Kauaʻi, 3501 Rice Street, #110, Lihue, 808.245.2324. Also available online at www.sannaturaorganic.com.