Tastes of Bora Bora at Chef Mavro

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Chef Mavro will unveil a new 3-course menu inspired by the flavors of French Polynesia.

Chef/owner George Mavrothalassitis was inspired to create the new menu after just returning from his first trip to French Polynesia and the island of Bora Bora while giving a cooking demonstration and preparing a Hawaii Regional Cuisine themed dinner above the Seabourn Odyssey yacht on its maiden voyage to Bora Bora.

Chef George Mavrothalassitis. Photo: David Croxford.

Poisson Cru.
Photo: courtesy of Chef Mavro

Since return flights to Honolulu are only offered once a week, it gave Chef Mavro an opportunity to soak up the flavors of the island.

“I told myself if I’m going all the way to French Polynesia I’d better come back with some new flavor ideas! By good luck I stepped off the ship just as a cooking demo of poisson cru and poe dessert was getting underway at the harbor tourism office!” noted Mavro.

Here’s the menu:

First course
bigeye ahi, lime juice, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet onion, fresh coconut milk

Main Entree
pineapple glazed Island pork, vanilla sweet pototo (umara) puree, fresh coconut spinach

baked taro pudding with banana ice cream

The special three course menu is available for $59 per person (plus tax and gratuity) and also includes the Chef Mavro extras of pre-appetizer, pre-dessert and hand-crafted candies. The menu is available from February 23rd by reservation.

For reservations or more information, call 808-944-4714 or e-mail chef@chefmavro.com.

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