Taste Tests

     Lei Chic Problem: 3:30 p.m. – You run to the closest convenience store
     for an emergency chocolate fix, bite into the mass-produced
     candy, and wait for the waxy chocolate to (hopefully) melt on
     your tongue.

     Bar lowered.

     Solution: Early November – You board a plane for Sweden for a
     new spin on the daily grind. You’ll visit Chokladskolan,
     the Cacao & Co Chocolate School in Nora, Sweden, for a
     three-day course by Hawaii’s own decadent dessert wizards at Madre Chocolates. Even if you don’t know beans about the process, ethnobotanist Nat Bletter will take you through every step; from picking the best ingredients, to roasting, grinding, fermenting, testing, tempering, and even storing your own creations. You’ll get hands on with professional candy equipment and even learn how to use common appliances like your coffee machine and hair dryer to do it at home.

Meaning by December, your next emergency candy run can end in your own  stash of small-batch, self-roasted chocolate. The only problem now is deciding which of your personalized flavor blends will fully satisfy your current craving.

Bar raised.

Madre Chocolate’s Bean-to-Bar classes in Nora, Sweden are set for November 15 – 17 and November 19 – 21.  A few spaces are still available.  For prices, reservations, or more information, contact info@madrechocolate.com.