Takuyo hand-painted silk scarves and wraps

Flower Child

It may be the time of May flowers, but this almost-summer heat is making you start to wilt. How's a girl supposed to keep her style game on in a greenhouse of an island like this? 

Nip that problem right in the bud with gorgeous hand-painted scarves and wraps by Takuyo. The Japan-raised, Parsons-educated artist adorns all her soft-as-petals pieces with bouquets of flowers and designs inspired by traditional kimonos and Japanese paintings. 

The sheer, light silks are just what you need to stay fresh as a daisy in the Island heat. And the vibrant blooming images of luscious lemon florals, watercolor-style hibiscus bunches and deep turquoise and ochre ferns make for a closetful of posies that will perk your summer wardrobe right up.

In the past, Takuyo has worked with Anthropologie to create a collection of designs and hand-painted pieces. Currently she's getting in touch with her roots by working with traditional silk artisans in Japan. And look for her blossoming inventory with digitally printed silk scarves, which she hopes to develop soon. 

Takuyo's products are between $30, for simpler styles using less-intensive processes and paints, and $275, for ornate multi-colored designs with steamed French dyes. So you can get as simple or as gilded a lily as you—and your pocketbook—would like. 

It's enough to put the roses back in your cheeks. 

Scarves and wraps available on Takuyo's Etsy shop.