Take It From The Top

www.leichic.comYou’re a Blackberry-wielding, email-checking, blog-reading, Twitter-following machine. But that doesn’t make you an information junkie – just a content consumer with a healthy appetite.

 But being Ms. Know-It-All can get a little, well, consuming. So click over to Alltop.com. The brainchild of Guy Kawasaki – the Kalihi boy turned Silicon Valley venture capitalist – Alltop is sort of an RSS reader on steroids.

The site collects articles and tracks sites on “all the topics” (hence the name) on the web and sorts them into categories that range from ADHD to Tourette’s Syndrome toYoga. Kawasaki even pays homage to his roots with a Hawai‘i category.

Unlike Google, Alltop isn’t pages of web links that may or may not be what you’re looking for. Instead, Alltop displays the last five headlines from all the sites it tracks in a particular category, and lets you mouse over each one for a pop-up window with the full text. So scan through all the top stories on all the top fashion sites in record time, just by scrolling the fashion section once. A literal “digital magazine rack,” Alltop not only links you to traditional mass media (Advertiser, Star-Bulletin) but also helps you discover sites that you didn’t even know existed. And it updates every 10 minutes so content is always fresh.

Just what you need for a more balanced digital diet.

Online at www.alltop.com