Sweet Temptations' mochi cupcakes

Sugar and Spice and Everything Rice

Sweet Temptations CupcakeryThere’s no sugar coating it. You’re a sucker for desserts. Pleasing your specific tastes, however, is anything but a piece of cupcake.

Reject 1 – Your intern tried to score brownie points with a tray of overly heavy baked goods.
Reject 2 – Your guy proudly showed off his mom’s too soft homemade mochi. That was a sticky situation.
Reject 3 – A promising e-mail about chocolate in the break room turned out to be a pile of prepackaged candy bars. Foiled again.

It’s make-it-or-bake-it time for your sweet tooth. Grab a mochi cupcake sampler set from Sweet Temptations.

GeriLyn Vallesteros began making her treats for co-workers in the real estate mortgage business. Soon her cupcakes were the hot sellers in the market.

Sweet Temptations Cupcakery Her mochi cupcakes are among her most popular items. The toothsome chewiness is reminiscent of bibingka with a lighter and tantalizing touch. You’ll sink right into the silky coconut custard, chocolate, matcha green tea and Vallesteros’ newest flavor, ube, rich with coconut and sweet potato. Just to lick it up a notch, each is finished off with a dollop of Vallesteros’ delightfully tangy cream cheese-based or flavored buttercream frosting.

Sweet Temptations also offers about 40 classic cupcakes ranging from fresh strawberry and lemon to peanut butter banana chocolate chip cupcakes. Or you can indulge in delightfully decorated cake pops in themes ranging from Christmas trees to Hello Kitty.

So there’s something for even the chewsiest sweet seekers.

Sweet Temptations cupcakes are $15 for half a dozen, $28 for a dozen, and are available by special order. Watch Facebook to see when you can reserve one of Vallesteros’ popular sampler sets or to see more of her menu. Call 808.228.6402 or e-mail sweet.temptingtreats@gmail.com.