Sweet Summer Finds: Here’s What Our Fashion Editor is Wanting, Wearing and Wishing for this Season

Every time I scour the city and Instagram for new fashions and products, I’m amazed (and proud!) at what our local retailers and designers create.
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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



Short Stack Hawai‘i

Tee, $25

It’s almost Faddah’s Day! And if you ask dads what they want, most will say, “a day of peace and relaxation.” No chores. No whining. No “can you …” dad requests. So, when I saw Short Stack Hawai‘i’s “Not Today Brah” men’s tees and hats, I thought, the gift genie really came through for all moms (and kids) who don’t know what to get. Mahalo to boss ladies Healani Tengan and Tanya Madeira, who kill it at coming up with sassy, local-style sayings. Personally, I love a good pidgin phrase, li’ dat.


short-stack-hi.myshopify.com, @shortstackhawaii


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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



Whooza Goodog

$45 each

OK, disclaimer, I don’t have a dog. But every time I visit The Public Pet for a paw-ssible story, I want to immediately adopt the next furry Fido I see. The Kaimuki shop houses so many colorful, cool pet accessories, most locally made. Hence my crush on Kaua‘i-based Whooza Goodog’s leashes and collars. They come in vibrant neon hues, are made in Hawai‘i, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Kaua‘i Humane Society. Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie YAY!


3422 Wai‘alae Ave., (808) 737-8887, thepublicpet.com, @thepublicpet; wagdhawaii.com, @whoozagoodog


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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



The Shade Collection


My hair is wild like a jungle lion so I’m always rockin’ a cheetah bun—my version of a tita (or teetah, how I say it) bun. With that, a papale (hat) with top puka became my must-have summer accessory. Our marketing director, Christy Davis, encouraged me to check out The Shade Collection on the North Shore. Its selection of woven crowns, made with fronds ranging from coconut palm to lau hala, offers stylish spins on the simple straw hat. I love the Islander. It’s made of papyrus tightly woven like Dutch braids, has a sweatband and is available in three sizes: keiki, small to medium, medium to large. I’m officially a cat in a hat!


theshadecollection.com, @theshadecollection


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Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



Noho Home

$69.95 for a 20-by-20-inch pillow cover, inserts sold separately

My couch needed a mood lift. Especially after muted pandemic-inspired Pantones took over my living space. For me, swapping out pillows is an easy (and cheaper) way to inject life and joy into family rooms. Enter Noho Home’s Niho Medallion linen cushion covers. The bold kaleidoscope-esque pattern speaks to my color-craving soul. It was inspired by shark’s teeth and ‘ohe kapala printing—a bamboo stamping process traditionally used on kapa. Also, the covers are made on-island and are highly durable for indoor and outdoor use in case you want to pump up the patio décor.


nohohomehawaii.com, @nohohome