Sweet Child of Mine


It was an instant love affair between you and that online kids’ clothing store. The price was right, the clothes were cute and the shop made you feel secure (it even said so on the “checkout” button).

Then you clicked to pay. And the dream of a $10 tiny top turned to a $387.92 shipping nightmare.

This year, try one of these on-island alternatives.

Deck Out the Halls
Want your kiddo pint-sized and cracking wise? Then try a droll drool bib from Koko Bean Kids, which feature classics like the “boob man” onesie.

If the keiki on your list has more highbrow taste, check out styles from Moopiland kids. Designed by a Honolulu husband and wife team, they’re one of a kind and include adorable extras like little purses in Moopiland’s signature bright patterns.

Green at Christmas isn’t reserved for the Grinch. For the eco-friendly tot, Organic Keiki has beautiful designs, printed with organic ink that is sure to not irritate baby.

Jingle Belles
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Encourage some hero worship with matching mommy-and-me necklaces from Adoré Hawai‘i. They’re chic enough for you to wear to work, but tough enough for your little lady’s playground antics.

Longing for a mini-me? Local fashion lines Fighting Eel and Mu‘uMu‘u Heaven make versions of their designer dresses into delicate duds for your little one. Consider it fashion training wheels for your diva.

Silent Bright
You know your little one is a genius, despite that dirt-eating incident. Encourage your little drummer boy’s inner maestro at Keiki Crescendo music school.

If you’ve got a little chatterbox, let her talk to her heart’s content at Little Ambassadors language school. It’s fun, full-immersion learning in Chinese, Japanese or Spanish. Added bonus: you won’t be able to understand her when she begs for a pony.