Sweet: 0, Spicy: 35


You don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to tell you that getting to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl is beyond your New Year’s budget. Instead, signs point to watching the UH Warriors play Georgia from a comfy sofa in your living room or a friend’s.

But after going big the night before, the thought of facing rowdy fans and standard chips and beer fare at a Sugar Bowl party sends up Outlook Not So Good to the fortune telling window.

Kicking off the first day of the year with a Bloody Mary and authentic Cajun food from chef Kevin Tate of Kevin’s Two Boots Catering? Yes, definitely.

Based at Heaven on Earth Spa Café in town, Kevin takes advance orders for batches of steaming jambalaya, gumbo or etouffee, and regularly offers heat-and-serve meals with jambalaya sauce or vegan gumbo base (great for adding tofu) and ready to mix veggies and rice. Baby Back Ribs come parboiled with sauce on the side for Half Time grilling. And if you just want to cheer from the sofa, hire Kevin to cater the entire event.

Knowing how to score great Cajun food for your party brings New Orleans that much closer to Hawai`i.

But the final game score? Ask Again Later.

Heaven on Earth Spa Café, Ko`olani Condominium, 1177 Queen Street., Honolulu; (808) 589.4100, ext. 580 or e-mail twoboots@hotmail.com