Surfer Kelia Moniz’s Beauty Tips For Active Women

This pro surfer doesn’t let her high-intensity life get in the way of her beauty routine.




Surfing the waves, trekking through the mountains—us local girls can’t resist when nature beckons us forth. And while we love ourselves a good au naturel glow, we’d hate to have to give up playa status in the beauty game just because we couldn’t get enough of the active lifestyle.


Take a cue from local girl and professional surfer Kelia Moniz, whom we tapped for her expert tips on how to keep your beauty game on point before, during and after an epic surf sesh. She may be a self-proclaimed tomboy, but that doesn’t mean she’s kicking her beauty bag to the curb completely. In fact, this longboarding champ teamed up with Bobbi Brown cosmetics this month for the brand’s #longwearlifeproof campaign, a challenge that pits strong, passionate, active and totally gorgeous gals against the rigors of their own sporty lifestyles—and the endurance of their makeup—all while capturing the results on GoPros. Here’s a spoiler for Moniz’s video: perfect form and perfect makeup all the way through.


So your next surf sesh may involve a few more wipeouts than Moniz’s. But at least you know your beauty game will still be cresting, thanks to these tips:


Show your locks some love. “I use hair oil religiously, as it’s a great multitasker: It helps with flyaways and also helps to repair my hair, as the salt water and sun make my ends super dry,” Moniz says. “I typically apply oil to my wet hair and comb through; then, when my hair dries, it always looks extra shiny, moisturized and healthy.” We love the luscious, all-natural All Over Oil from local company Indigo Elixirs. $20,


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Don’t skip the sunscreen! Skin cancer is anything but sexy. “SPF is a must for anyone like me who spends so much time outside,” Moniz says. “When I go surfing, I use thick, tinted zinc with an SPF of at least 35 for my face and an oil-free lotion for my body. Wearing lip balm with SPF is also essential for life in both my home state of Hawai‘i and in L.A.—my lips crave a moisturizing balm after a day of surfing.” One of our fave beach staples, Shade Sunscreen, has the benefit of staying put. That is, it doesn’t migrate from your body into the ocean (the way most sunscreens do), making it way safer for our reefs. $28,


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We’ve all gone from golden brown to lobster red. Just make sure you do damage control and treat those sunburns. “If I accidentally get too much sun, I use lotions with vitamin E to help treat and heal my skin. To avoid peeling, I either use aloe or a body oil to hydrate and repair the area.” Maybe it’s just our imagination, but a fresh, minty scent, like the one in this C.O. Bigelow Metha Vitamin Body Lotion, is extra soothing when we’re tending to our burns. $14,


We are all about transitioning—day to night, sports to social, dry to wet. Moniz agrees. “I don’t put on makeup to go surfing, but, if I happen to be out and about before hitting the beach, I use Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear products, as they are waterproof (and life proof!) and will help me avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes post-surf. I like long-wear makeup because it allows me to be confident that everything will stay in place. Who wants to worry about reapplying?” $25–$42,


Your skin gets thirsty, too people—care for it regularly with a routine that has just the right TLC for its needs. “After a shower, I moisturize my face and body. Since I’m a total tomboy with some serious scars,” Moniz says, “I apply tea tree oil to help them heal.” Bonus: This Body Shop tea tree oil won’t dry you out. $10,


Sporty Spice never piled on the cakey foundation or red lipstick. For that athletic, go-anywhere glow that’s not too much for us active gals, the rule of thumb is to keep it light. “I use tinted moisturizer on my entire face, and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick to cover any spots,” Moniz says. “Then I use mineral powder to set the moisturizer, a little dust of blush on my cheeks, fill in my brows with a Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, and always finish with a fluffy coat of mascara.” $42–$44,


Have we mentioned how much we love hydration? “I drink a ton of water to stay hydrated throughout the day, as the sun can be quite dehydrating,” Moniz says. God gifted the world with Hydro Flasks, so use them! We love these mini versions, perfect for on-the-go gals. $21.99,