Super Natural

Bacon cheese fries for lunch again? Your diet’s taken a hard left at Greasy Street lately and is heading straight for the fat lane.

Time to get back on track. Call Leslie Ashburn, a macrobiotic chef who can whip up meals for you at home and teach you how to improve your eating with more healthy, organic cuisine. She’ll help with meal planning, teach you food-based home remedies, and can even apply feng shui to your kitchen by helping you organize and de-clutter.

One taste of her philosophy and you’ll see that macrobiotic cooking isn’t a raw deal. Her colorful, dynamic dishes go far beyond the stereotypical flavorless brown rice and tofu. In fact, she makes a vegan chocolate cake that’s moist and delicious, and her Mexican enchiladas have won over die-hard meat lovers.

Want the DIY route to eating better? Take one of Ashburn’s cooking classes. Each session focuses on specific themes like weight loss and curbing cravings. There’s even one on how your diet affects your looks – Hato mugi, a type of Asian barley, can help clear skin, and sea vegetables such as wakame, kombu, and hijiki can give you shiny hair.

This Thursday, she’ll teach her “Eating for Pleasure, Health and Healing” class, where she’ll lead cooking demos to prove that healthy, good-for-you meals can be seriously delicious.

That should keep you off the road to ruin.

Sign up for Thursday’s class here. For more information on Chef Leslie Ashburn’s personal chef services, call 808.398.2695 or visit