Sunday, March 13 – Help on the Way?

Yasue’s CNN interview aired repeatedly including in Japan. “I don’t want to be the voice of the tsunami,” Yasue said. “No more interviews.”

While Ian and I dealt with the media and the countless calls we continued to search for ways to get Yasue food. Yasue too was focused on that mission.

Chiemi, Yasue’s friend in Tokyo, texted her and shared where Yasue might be able to find food. The weather was increasingly getting worse as the temperatures began to fall. Still, she needed food so it didn’t matter how cold it was. Based on Chiemi’s tip, Yasue walked to Sendai City Hall. At the City Hall, she was told to go to the Ward Office so she walked there. The Ward Office told her to go to an Evacuation Center so Yasue walked there. She waited in a long line there only to find out when she got to the front that that people staying at the shelter had priority. So, she left. On her walk back to her mom, Yasue found people selling musubi and miso soup and she ate it on the street. Chiemi’s tip paid off.

Text: Sooo Good!!! I even got tamago-don (egg and rice) for mom and roommates. I am full tonight!!!

From Rie, another friend in Tokyo, I heard a team of reporters was on the way and that they would have some food for Yasue. I sent Yasue the good news. She too had talked to Rie.

Text 6:27 p.m.: I do not expect them to bring much. Stores are empty in Tokyo too.

Minutes later, the news improved.


This is how our weekend has gone. Some difficult news. Then some good news. Followed by difficult news. Followed by good news. Some leads pan out. Others don’t. Some of those that don’t pan out lead to others that do. Although we cannot seem to get enough traction on getting her substantial food, we never lose sight of how lucky we are. So many people have still not heard from loved ones and clearly, many of them never will.

She is full. She has money. She is with her mom. We are still able to communicate. The weekend could not have ended any better.