Summer-Ready Fitness Tips From YMCA Honolulu

The do’s and don’t for summer workouts.



Can you use POG in a juice cleanse? Is there a Crossfit workout video that incorporates Beyonce? Does a cookie count as a carb if it’s shaped like a strawberry?


We are in the middle of our lose-weight-for-summer push and we have so many questions. The biggest? How in the world are we supposed to hype ourselves up into workout mode when the summer heat is bringing us down? YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Director Jennifer Corley knows that the season of sun has its pros and cons when it comes to staying fit, so here are the ways she works around the rays.


No question about it—now you really have no excuses.


DO start early

Many times, people wait until later in the day to exercise. Especially during the summer, this means working out in the heat, which actually can make you feel tired more quickly, leading to shorter and less productive workouts. Do your workouts or take your walks or jogs early in the am. You’ll feel fresh and energized for the rest of the day!


DON’T neglect the stretch

When people are dehydrated they tend to cramp more easily so stretching is even more important during the summer months! Work it in on your lunch break at work by bringing a resistance band with you to easily tone biceps, triceps, back and chest.


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DO stay hydrated

During the summer, people tend to sweat more and lose more water. Which means hydration is even extra important. Water is the best thing to keep you hydrated and a great way to make it more appealing (and flavorful!) is to liven it up with a sprig of mint or slice of lemon or your favorite fruit. Bonus: Even if you’re not, drinking a cup of fruit water will make you feel as if you’re on vacay.


DON’T wait until the last minute

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they will have more time for a workout during the summer, when in fact they actually get way busier (those family picnics and barbecues are never-ending). So, during the summer, it’s more important that ever to actually schedule some time into your calendar for a workout. Writing it down makes it more likely that you’ll stick to your schedule. Even better, make it a date with a friend so you won’t bail at the last minute.


DO focus on toning

Looking to get your body bikini/boardshort ready? Planks are the best core exercise there is—perfect for toning those abs, glutes and arms. Up the ante on your planks by adding a movement like raising your arm off the ground while in your plank position to add some action to your legs, glutes, back, shoulder and arms and help firm up your entire body!