Sugar Lush

Dealer: Psst. Hey you, in the Ferragamo heels. Looking for a sweet fix?

You [turning up nose]: Not that someone like you would understand, but I don’t eat sweets. Even at a work party, I only eat the crudité.

Dealer: Sure you do, doll. I can give you a quick hit with a chocolate kiss or a sugared gumdrop…

You [whispering]: Well, some of my friends do like a good sugar high. Do you have enough for, say, 50?

Dealer: Jeez, lady, you’re a real addict. In that case I’ll give you the name of da big boss. She goes by Wendy Wagai and she peddles all sorts of confections for your crew.

You [voice excited]: Does she have peppermints? Gummy bears? M&Ms? Kisses? Jelly be–

Dealer [interrupting]: Ssshhh, not so loud! She can get you all of that, and more. Brings it to your house in fancy glass jars with scoops so your posse can mix their own poison. Very professional-like. You should know she also does popcorn. And bark buffets of doggie treats for da pooches. Go on, get outta here. Just make sure you tell her who sent you.

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