Sugar Daddy 

You’ve had your cheesecake, and eaten your cupcake too. But lately squeezing into your skinny jeans has you eating humble pie.

Here’s a flavor that tastes better: the sugar-free pastries and candies from Sweet Nothings Bakery.

The bear claws, brownies, and other confections are all made with a secret blend of sweeteners (owner Darin Yokoyama won’t reveal what he uses, except to say it’s all natural) that mimic sugar so well, you’d never know any of the treats are sugar free.

Perfect for your resolution to cut back on the sweets.

Even better, all of Sweet Nothings’ pastries are made with other healthier ingredients too – such as Egg Beaters or egg whites instead of whole eggs and no trans-fat-laden shortening. Yokoyama started creating sugar-free baked good to deal with his own diabetes. But the shop attracts the calorie-conscious as well.

New items are always in development as Yokoyama attempts to create some of the most sinful desserts as guilt-free indulgences. No word yet on whether his experiments with sugar-free butter mochi and pecan pie are ready yet for public consumption.

So, you want a piece of this?

Sweet Nothings, 1218 Waimanu Street (just Ewa of Pi‘ikoi Street, across from Ko‘olani condominium), 808.593.1234.