Stylish Hawai‘i Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

From photo shoots at exciting locales and the latest fashion and beauty trends, these local Instagram accounts will add tons of cool content to your feed.


In need of some style inspiration? Look no further.


In our latest series, we’re spilling about our favorite local Instagram accounts for adding fresh fashion, beauty and design content to your feed.


Ijfke Ridgley 1 Credit Ijfke Ridgely

Photos: Courtesy of IJfke Ridgley


IJfke Ridgley, @ijfkephoto


If you couldn’t already tell by the plethora of exciting locales on IJfke Ridgley’s feed, let us confirm: the Hawai‘i-born photographer and writer has a major case of wanderlust. Perfect then, that her work transports her all over the globe, from the sandy shores of Uruguay to charming townships in the Netherlands. And lucky us, we get peeks at the amazing fashions that come with!


Her photography style: “Clean and colorful with a love of fashion and a dash of retro vibes.”


Why she loves shooting fashion: “Creating a world, a fantasy. I love being the ‘director’ in this type of production and bringing together all of the elements of a shoot: model, makeup, hair, styling, lighting and location.”


Where she finds inspiration: “When I’m shooting what I truly want to shoot, it usually starts with the clothes, or a color palette. I love the styling almost as much as the photography. Elements of a location—whether it be the beauty of nature or the graphic elements of the city—catch my eye and can inspire a whole story.”


Haute to trot: I always love working with the team from Hawai‘i Polo Life. As a photographer it is a true gift to be given the resources for a large production and our recent shoot involved many models, extras, props, a fun wardrobe and an entire polo team!



Risa Hoshino 1 Credit Risa Hoshino

Photos: Courtesy of Risa Hoshino



Risa Hoshino, @risa.hoshino


There’s really no look that makeup artist Risa Hoshino can’t tackle—she does it all, from sun-kissed and sweet to edgy and otherworldly. It’s no wonder this wizard with a mascara wand is constantly booked for editorials, ad campaigns and runway shows. Her feed is one of our favorites for glam inspo, always enticing us to try something new and reminding us that above all else, makeup should be fun.


Risa’s favorite bookings: “Fashion shows because I can get crazy with the designers and create a magical world that is out of the ordinary. They are spectacles and wild every time.”


Where she finds inspiration: “I find it everywhere honestly. Recently I came across a glazed chocolate doughnut and I was like yum. I wanna recreate a makeup look like that. So, I did.”


Ocean glamour: “I recently did a shoot with Kelia Moniz and photographer Simone Komine for a nail polish brand UNDN LAQR. That was super fun because they gave us creative freedom. The nail color was pearly and since Kelia is like a mermaid I added stick-on pearls on her fingers.”


Trends she’s loving: “Boys wearing makeup. I love it all. Clean and pretty, grungy and messy, big hair and outrageous, it’s all very rock-and-roll and sexy!”



Anna Sachs 1 Credit Anna Sachs

Photos: Courtesy of Anna Sachs



Anna Sachs, @annasachs


Multi-hyphenate would be an understatement, when it comes to describing Anna Sachs. We first met her as a model. Since then, she’s also added actor, owner-curator of Echo Vintage Goods and singer-songwriter for indie-folk duo Forseeable Futures to her resume. Her beautifully curated feed, filled with soft hues, dreamily lit scenes and minimal, earthy fashions, is like a breath of fresh air.


Anna’s style muses: “I grew up watching old Hollywood movies with my mom, who always said, ‘true style never goes out of fashion.’ This has stayed with me. While modern runways bring exciting novelty, all of it is referential to what’s been done in the past. For this reason, I look to fellow vintage sellers who are masters of storytelling through styling. And as a reminder that life is absurd and style should spark joy, I love the playfulness and irreverent creativity of New York street style.”


Fashion chameleon: “In Hawai‘i, I opt for easeful, minimal styling with natural fibers (silk, cotton, linen) because of the heat. When traveling, I explore and adapt, drawing inspiration from the energy of the space, geography and people. As I look back on trips to Morocco, Japan, Mexico, New York and Portugal, I so deeply appreciate that I am able to co-create with the world around me, simply with what I wear.”


Eco chic: “Most recently, I’ve enjoyed working with smaller, ethically produced clothing labels to highlight what sustainability can look like in a modern, versatile wardrobe. There is so much waste at all levels of fashion. We can do so much better. We need to. The clothes we wear are an investment in the future that we want. It can get heavy to consider the weight of our responsibility to the planet, but when it means buying more quality clothing less often, with intention, or even a fun trip to the thrift store, trust me—it looks good on everyone.”