Stuck on You

Lei ChicDear Teeny Bikini,

You know I never wanted to get tied down. Sure we had great times this summer with playtimes on the sand, lazy lunches and sunset cruises. But lately, I’ve gotten tired of your lines – the white tan lines criss crossing my back and creeping up my neck.

So I think it’s fair to tell you I’m seeing another suit that I’m pretty sure is stuck on me too. The Perfect Tan Bikini just made a splash with its 2012 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. The bikinis have a little something up their sleeves, or actually in their cups; a silicon-adhesive lining that keeps my top up without any back or straps.
Lei Chic
It’s waterproof so I can swim in without accidentally baring it all. And when things start to get steamy, the bikini top’s heat-activated adhesive will get even stickier so things stay put.

The suits come in leopard, cheetah, and sleek metallic and solid colors. Each lining is only good for 10-15 wears, but that doesn’t mean this is just a fling. If I fall in love with my new look I can buy more online.

It truly is a relationship with no strings attached.

Perfect Tan Bikini is priced between $75 and $95 on its website store. One-piece suits will be available next season. Click here to see that collection now.