Strange Brew

Fine. So maybe you’re type A. Total perfectionist. Just because everything you do has to be perfect doesn’t mean you’re OCD — it just means everything you do is the best.

But you never have to cop to your secret weapon: expert help. Like your new guru Ben Brechtel at Winestock, who walks you step by step through the ancient art of beer making in a personalized, one-on-one appointment. 

In total privacy you can master every step — tasting free samples until you determine what you like, selecting from a suite of recipes or combining ingredients to achieve the perfect style (like Oatmeal Chocolate Stout), then guiding the brew as it transforms from grain to yeast. Ben is there whenever you need him, like giving you 48 12-oz bottles and all ingredients, so you never get off course. Then in four weeks, your topnotch batch of ale, hefeweizen, pilsner, or [insert your favorite beer here] will be tailor-made and ready for praising, complete with a label of your own design.

Like Best Beer in the World.
Or, perhaps, simply #1.

Winestock , 614 South Street #104, Honolulu (next to HFD headquarters). 808.688.7770. Your first batch is 10 percent off.